Marieluise Beck

ehem. Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestags

Anti-Semitism from the Russian government is unacceptable

A spokesperson from the Russian Foreign Ministry made anti-Semitic statements regarding the election of Donald Trump, reports Marieluise Beck, spokesperson for eastern European policy of the Green party: The anti-Semitic statements of Maria Zakharova, spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, regarding events in connection to the U.S. elections are absolutely unacceptable. With unbelievably derogatory statements, Zakharova spread the dangerous myth of the international Jewish conspiracy. Such comments sow hate, division, and discrimination and slander Israel and Jews worldwide. The Kremlin has not yet distanced itself from the statement. The international community must be called upon to express its disapproval of this kind of anti-Semitic language. The statements are also a matter for the OSCE, whose strong policies opposing anti-Semitism are one of the organization’s strengths. As a member of the OSCE, Russia is responsible for upholding the common values outlined in multiple OSCE basic documents. The struggle against anti-Semitism must be carried out everywhere and with extreme diligence. Background note: Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, spoke on a panel discussion with central Russian television station “Rossiya – 1” on the presidential election in the USA. She explained that “the Jews” knew the outcome before the election took place and that Donald Trump won the election because of Jewish money. This article also gives a good summary in English: